We teach to a range of abilities and ages in a dynamic creative and fun way incorporating meditation, breathing, music, rhythm and sound scapes.
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Our philosophy and teaching is grounded in the classical yoga teachings of Patanjali. Yoga means eternal bliss, creativity, and unconditional love. Our aim is to realise that, which is our true nature through practicing Skill in Action. As a by product yoga students feel joyful, radiant, peaceful, stronger within themselves, physically energised and more creative.

“When we are happy we are in Yoga”

Classes encourage students to discover their own edge and to experience the transformational art that is yoga. Classes include:

Purifying movements and postures
Purifying breathing, breath control
Chanting and music
Yoga psychology
Nondual Philosophy
Anatomy and physiology

-Hatha Yoga (asanas, mudras, bandhas)
-Bhakti and Nada Yoga

-and Yoga Nidra,
-Raja Yoga
-Jnana Yoga
-Yoga Therapy

It is important to include elements of these into every practice session so that the timeless teachings of yoga can be incorporated effectively into each of our lives. Especially if we are living a modern urban life!

We provide:

Regular weekly group Yoga classes for adults
(Concessions are available, and when booking a block of classes)
Workshops and Yoga Days around the UK
Yoga Holidays
Private tuition please contact the instructors directly for more information
Corporate classes

Kids (as seen on the BBC: "Do Something Different")
Yogadamba has proved an extremely popular methodology in schools across London. We use a mixture of Brain Gym, Yoga, dance, drama, games, story- telling and music in our classes. We have a set structure and firm boundaries in which kids feel supported.

Based on our extensive experience of working with children: We use yoga as a channel for kids to have fun, be inspired, feel more at peace and get in tune with their own body wisdom. We use archetypal stories and music within our yoga classes.

The children leave our classes feeling stimulated, focused and happy.

Yogadamba teachers have particular expertise in working with special needs children. We have over a decade of experience working with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, cognitive delays and Down Syndrome.

We provide:
Group classes for children
(Concessions are available, and when booking a block of classes)

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